Learning how to support children during adolescence can be challenging. 有了正确的信息, 然而, parents and caregivers can encourage healthy development and help their teens make a smoother transition into adulthood. In this section, find educational resources on teen alcohol and drug prevention. 另外,请访问繁荣程序.


Adolescence is a time when children experience a variety of social, physical, and 情绪变化. While it is an exciting period, the pressure teens encounter can easily become overwhelming. 偶尔的坏情绪是可以预见的, but drastic changes in attitude and behavior can signal teen depression.

父母和照顾者应该警惕极度疲劳的迹象, 不安, 社会隔离, 和/或自残. Symptoms of depression in teens may include persistent feelings of sadness, 绝望, 和/或毫无价值.

There are multiple factors that can contribute to the onset of mental health issues such as child depression. 通常, 面对学校持续欺凌的孩子, 社会排斥, 而同伴压力更容易导致情绪失调.

心理健康问题无论多么困难,都是可以治疗的. 如果你的孩子表现出情绪障碍的迹象,提供帮助 心理健康“急救” by responding in a caring, respectful, and compassionate way until proper treatment is received.

家庭也可以联系 PA 2-1-1阵型 联系当地的免费卫生和公共服务机构. The system’s trained specialists offer help in – among other areas – mental health and youth and childcare.


在青春期养育孩子是一项艰巨的任务. This is the time when many parents and caregivers become increasingly concerned about teen drug and alcohol abuse.

青少年饮酒、吸烟或吸毒的原因各不相同. These can include peer pressure, stress, curiosity, and desire to fit in. 有心理健康问题的儿童, 有药物使用家族史, or history of traumatic events are often at a greater risk for addiction.

Substance abuse can have a significant effect on a teen’s health, well-being, and academic success. 青少年成瘾的警告信号可能包括嗜睡, 抛弃老朋友去结交新朋友, 还有身体上的变化,比如体重快速下降或颤抖.

帮助防止青少年滥用毒品, parents should initiate an honest conversation and include preventive strategies such as establishing rules, 树立好榜样, 并提供支持. Other approaches to consider include joining a prevention program such as 繁荣 早在中学的时候.


繁荣 – or PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience – is a system aimed at reducing teenage substance use and risky behaviors.

The main goal of the initiative is to promote youth competence and deliver evidence-based education by utilizing sustainable partnerships between schools, 社区, 和体育外围平台.

繁荣的预防程序是特别的 旨在巩固家庭 并产生积极的结果,比如更高的学术成就, 减少攻击性和压力, 更低的酒精和毒品使用水平.

在这一页上, learn more about the 繁荣 programs and discover valuable information on alcohol and drug prevention among teenagers.

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约翰·伯恩斯,Ph值.D., R.D.

The 以及连接社区 program is aimed at empowering 社区 to come together to help their residents be healthier at every stage of life. 更多的
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伊莱恩·B. Berrena,米爱德

Parent-teacher conferences are important for building relationships to support children's development and increase home-school communication and family involvement in schools. 更多的
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需要帮助? 你给谁打电话? ——文章 文章

需要帮助? 你给谁打电话?

Robin Kuleck,注册护士,MSEd

就像拨打911可以接通当地紧急服务一样, the Pennsylvania 211 system will connect you with trained specialists to connect you with local human services. 更多的
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繁荣的视频片段, a scientifically proven model built on partnerships between 体育外围平台 and public schools. 更多的
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今天,年轻人和他们的家庭面临着许多挑战, 尽管人们努力帮助他们, 大多数成功有限. 更多的
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PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience (繁荣) teams are successfully implementing prevention programs to reduce youth risky behaviors. 更多的
繁荣背景信息-文章 文章
The 繁荣 model uses community teams led by Extension educators and public school personnel to facilitate the sustained delivery of evidence-based programs. 更多的
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使用社交媒体在年轻人中很普遍. Parents can provide guidance for their children so their online activities are done safely and respectfully to protect themselves and others. 更多的
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Parents who are aware of their children's activities and whereabouts have kids who are less likely to get involved with problem behaviors. 更多的
繁荣的支持者-文章 文章
宾夕法尼亚州的繁荣是由联邦政府资助的, 状态, 以及当地的公共和私人机构, 大部分资金来自国家卫生研究院. 更多的
PA的繁荣 Partnership
在PA -文章中的繁荣伙伴关系 文章
繁荣 (PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience) provides high-quality prevention programs for youth and their families. 更多的
更好的儿童保健 provides professional development to early-care and youth development professionals to improve the quality of their care and educational practices. 更多的
为教育工作者发现一系列的活动, 人力和社区服务专业人员, and families interested in facilitating intergenerational understanding and cooperation. 更多的
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