Excellent business management 技能 and solid industry knowledge are key for operating a prosperous 草坪上 maintenance business. 在这一页上, 找到关于开始景观业务的信息, 获取员工培训资源, 了解更多关于绿色产业的知识. Tips on 投标秋天的地盘 renovations and services are available as well.


Getting started with 草坪上 maintenance and management requires careful planning. 第一步是 制定商业计划. Most business plans for the green industry address description of services, 行业市场及趋势, 市场营销和管理, 财务状况, 和可持续性. Note that the plan should be an ongoing review of the business that is kept up to date.

与写一个可靠的计划一样,它也值得关注 如何成为一名高效的管理者 为你的团队. Consider invaluable tactics such as implementing time management techniques, 设定目标, 为员工提供培训.

Another important factor to keep in mind is local pesticide laws and 许可的要求. Overall, general-use pesticides can be purchased and used by the general public. 限用杀虫剂(RUPs)可能会造成严重后果 农药中毒 因此,只能由认证的申请者使用.


体育外围平台 offers prospective landscapers and 草坪护理 professionals assistance through various guides, 会议, 和研讨会. 加入 景观更新 或参加 绿化一整天 to learn about pest identification, disease management, and turf weed control.

可以获得关于各种主题的广泛信息,例如 投标秋天的地盘 翻新和服务,保持最新的 最新的草坪护理行业研究 还有技术,和 注册的技术员.

此外,体育外围平台提供草坪相关的 诊断和测试服务 including disease identification, as well as water quality and soil testing.


Proper industry and technical knowledge stand at the core of any successful business. 体育外围平台 assists prospective landscapers and 草坪护理 professionals in obtaining valuable training, 技能, 和教育机会.

Preventing and managing pests – including insects and weeds – is among the most challenging 草坪护理 issues. 学习如何 制定综合虫害管理计划 can help achieve effective pest control with minimal environmental impact.

Additional research-based information can be obtained during the landscape 害虫识别走 或专业 害虫管理的学校 会话. 控制杂草的资源和在线培训 诊断植物健康问题,包括可以发现的疾病体征和症状.

Ensuring adequate training is provided to your whole team is another crucial aspect. 体育外围平台’s online training for landscape employees includes 建立草坪,以及种植,覆盖,和 新的植物浇水.

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