学习如何种花和观赏植物来获利. Use 体育外围平台的扩展 extensive resources for information on managing 观赏植物 和 花卉栽培, including how to start a l和scape or greenhouse business or cut flower production, 以及绿色产业的最佳实践.


If you enjoy flower gardening 和 want to turn your hobby into extra income or a new business, 为了利润而养花是非常有益的. Flowers are one of the most profitable plants to grow 和 can produce some of the highest returns. 体育外围平台的扩展 花卉试验田日 takes place every year 和 showcases the best performing annual 和 perennial flowers being offered the next spring.

There are several other 绿色产业 business opportunities such as a 景观,草坪,苗圃,或温室业务. 温室生产 can be year-round 和 provide valuable cash flow throughout the year. 切花生产 offers excellent opportunities for small-scale 和 part-time farmers.

Many resources are available to help 绿色产业 beginners. 你可以找到学习基础知识的课程,比如 种植、覆盖和浇水, 修剪基础知识, 修剪观赏乔木和灌木. 能够 识别植物健康问题的症状和迹象评估植物疾病、害虫和问题 也是需要学习的基本技能吗.


养花可以是非常有益的 绿色产业 职业道路. 体育外围平台有一个很好的 帮助你开始的指南. Running your own flower farming business is a continual learning curve, but there are always experienced professionals willing to share their expertise 和 knowledge at 绿色行业会议.

You also have certain rules 和 regulations that are crucial for you to underst和. 例如,你需要这样做吗 取得除害剂许可证 遵守宾夕法尼亚农药法? Pesticide license holders 和 l和scape professionals can keep their knowledge up to date at 草皮和观赏会议.

你还需要考虑的是 如何制定商业计划. It acts as a “road map” to guide the future of your business or venture. An underst和ing of marketing is fundamental to the success of your business, you have to know 如何写一份可靠的营销计划.

当你第一次创业的时候 能够估算和投标景观设施 是需要学习的重要商业技能吗. 景观计划 在这个过程中起着至关重要的作用 机械和设备 you’ve got available to do the job at the right time for the least cost.

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托马斯·福特,林恩·金,杰森·K. 哈珀,Ph值.D.,史蒂夫Bogash

The specialty cut-flower business may fit well into a small-scale 和 part-time farming operation. 更多的
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