当你发现家里或周围有害虫时, 比如斑点灯笼苍蝇, 第一步是识别害虫.
选择合格的害虫管理或草坪护理公司 - 文章


The pest may be a weed, 植物病害, 昆虫, rodent, mold, mildew, bird, or other nuisance.

体育外围平台 has resources that can provide accurate pest identification and pest control options. Some problems may be more than a homeowner can handle and may require a qualified professional pesticide applicator.


当你确定需要专业帮助时, contact several companies to make sure the one you choose meets all the legal and educational requirements that give them the privilege to service your home. 这将包括验证有效和当前的:

  • Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicator Certification or 注册ed Technician card (see list for certification categories)
  • Business license (requires the company to have general liability insurance coverage specific to pesticide applications)

All of the above are required to commercially apply pesticides in Pennsylvania. 询问他们是否是专业行业协会的会员, 通常提供安全的持续教育, 培训, 研究, 法规.

Ask the business for a list of local references that you can call to learn about the company's past performance. 也, check with the local Chamber of Commerce and the 商业改进局 regarding the firm's past work performance.


Expect pest management professionals to provide information on a wide assortment of pesticide-related topics, 例如人身安全和环境影响. They should discuss chemical tactics along with alternative weed, 昆虫, 植物病害, 以及鼠类控制策略. 公司必须根据要求提供农药标签. Many answers to your questions will be found on the label instructions.

The pesticide must be labeled for use on the site (such as lawns, 观赏植物, 住宅, 蔬菜, 等.),并最好指定目标虫鼠. Beware of companies whose representatives answer questions contrary to the directions or precautions contained on the label. 参观体育外围平台 病虫害网页 标签信息.

Ask plenty of questions and make sure you understand the answers!

  • 怎样才能正确识别害虫?
  • Can you show me the pest or evidence of the pest and/or damage?
  • Are there effective control options besides pesticides, such as IPM? (定义见下文.)
  • 体育外围平台需要使用除害剂吗? 如果有,是哪些原因?
  • 有多少种杀虫剂可以防治这种害虫?
  • Are some pesticides safer or more "environmentally friendly" than others yet still effective?
  • Are there any special precautions for children and pets for the treatment option chosen?
  • When, where, and how should I check for the pest in the future?
  • Can I help prevent this pest problem from occurring again without using pesticides?
  • 治疗需要多长时间?
  • 体育外围平台多快能使用治疗过的区域?
  • 这种治疗方法能控制害虫多久?
  • 是否需要更多的治疗,如果需要,多久一次?
  • 体育外围平台能期待什么样的结果?


IPM是害虫综合治理的缩写. 这是一种管理害虫如昆虫的方法, 植物病害, 杂草, 动物融合了适当的文化, 生物, 机械, and chemical tactics that are safe and environmentally compatible.


  • 有未登记的电话号码.
  • 车辆上没有BU号. The pesticide business license number (BUXXXX) must be prominently displayed on both sides of all vehicles involved in pesticide applications.
  • 声称自己有秘密配方或更强效的杀虫剂. 所有杀虫剂都必须在美国注册.S. 美国环境保护局(环境保护署).
  • 声称得到学院或大学的认可, 环境保护署, 宾夕法尼亚农业部, 或者其他国家机构.
  • 迫使你立即做出决定.
  • 使用恐吓战术,让你迅速进入杀虫剂应用程序. 尽管时机很重要, make sure you understand why an application must be done at a specific time.
  • Confirm a pest identification from your description over the phone. Although some pests can be identified from an accurate description, 它通常需要现场访问. Correct pest identification is important for proper treatment.

Remember, you do not have to make a decision on the phone and you should talk with several companies.


选择公司不应该草率. 多问问题,直到你理解了答案, and consult with several companies before making a final decision and signing a contract. 你总有时间和其他公司核实一下, 专业组织, 还有你当地的体育外围平台推广办公室.

You may need several days to consider everything you have heard and read company documentation. Although cost is a consideration, it should not be the most important factor in your decision. You should choose a company based on their strong professional commitment toward effective, 环境安全, 以及友好的虫害管理服务.

一旦你选择了一个公司, 询问预期的结果, 如果有必要, 如何取消书面或口头协议.




Contact for poison emergencies and prevention: 1-800-222-1222 or PoisonHelp.org

包含 fact sheets and pesticide safety information, or email

Contact for business/applicator licensing, enforcement, and pesticide complaints: 1-717-772-5231

包含 害虫鉴定和防治方案.
联系你当地的 县办公室.

Promotes ethical business practices so consumers can make informed buying decisions.
Metro Washington DC, Metro Philadelphia, and Eastern Pennsylvania: 1-202-393-8000

A searchable online database of pesticide products registered in Pennsylvania


Different types of pest control require a variety of education and expertise. Pennsylvania has 25 different pesticide certification categories. To confirm that the person doing your pesticide application has the correct pesticide credentials, ask to see their certification card and check for the proper category number. 例如, an applicator controlling grubs in your lawn is required to have a category 7 certification, while an applicator controlling termites in your home is required to have a category 12 certification.


  • 01农作物(农业)
  • 水果和坚果(和浆果)
  • 03蔬菜作物
  • 04农业动物(牲畜)
  • 森林病虫害防治
  • 06观赏树木及遮荫树木(灌木及花卉)
  • 07草坪和草皮
  • 08年种子处理
  • 09水生有害生物防治
  • 道路的权利和杂草
  • 11与家庭和健康有关
  • 12木材害虫
  • 13结构性熏蒸
  • 公共卫生——脊椎动物害虫(哺乳动物)
  • 16公共卫生——无脊椎动物害虫
  • 17管制防治虫鼠
  • 18示范与研究
  • 19木材防腐
  • 20商品和空间熏蒸
  • 21土壤熏蒸
  • 22日室内Plantscape
  • 公园和学校防治虫害
  • 24个游泳池
  • 25天线涂布
  • 污水根管控制

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