Find invaluable information on farm safety and the AgrAbility project, designed to assist agricultural workers and farmers with disabilities or long-term health conditions. Discover 体育外围平台 expert tips on assistive technology and read inspiring stories of farmers who have overcome obstacles to continue farming.


AgrAbility为宾夕法尼亚州 is a project specially designed for agricultural workers and farmers with disabilities or long-term health conditions. 通过资助 美国农业部, the project strives to provide the support and invaluable resources needed to live independently and remain or return to production agriculture.

AgrAbility提供的服务是免费的. These include on-site farm assessment to identify barriers to completing tasks and chores, 识别安全的辅助设备和装置, 同伴支持, 以及获得教育培训的机会.

体检的宾夕法尼亚人, 认知, 知识, or sensory impairment that limits important life activities may be eligible for AgrAbility服务. Some of the more prevalent disabilities and health conditions that affect PA farmers include, 等, 脊髓损伤, 关节炎, 中风, 心脏病, 糖尿病, 还有视力或听力损失.

在这一页上, farmers with disabilities – as well as their family members – can obtain more information about the project and find answers to 关于农业性的常见问题.


而AgrAbility并不为设备提供直接资金, the program works closely with third-party funding sources to help farmers obtain the necessary assistive technology.

辅助技术() refers to any piece of equipment or product system that is used to maintain, 增加, 或改善残疾人的功能能力. AT可以进行商业或特殊改装或定制.

一般来说, the modifications needed for agriculture worksites can vary greatly depending on the disability and farm operation. 各种流动艾滋病, 例如, can be extremely helpful in reducing the strain on hips and knees when walking on uneven terrains. 这些多功能车可以用来把奶牛运进来挤奶, 检查围栏, 或者监测植物生长. 适用于关节损伤或关节炎患者, automatic hitching systems can be crucial for enabling them to hitch/unhitch wagons without getting off the tractor.

Adding assistive technology to equipment can also help workers and farmers with disabilities effectively monitor their surroundings. 安装一个 出租车的相机 allows the operator to see what is around the equipment without turning their head or body. This, in turn, can improve ergonomics, enhance productivity, and 增加 safety. Access 体育外围平台 resources for additional information on assistive technology and AgrAbility PA.

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